Other Publications

on the “crisis of expertise”

2023. “Rethinking the ‘crisis of expertise’: A relational approachTheory and Society

on torture debates in the war on terror

2020. “Truth and Consequences? Reconceptualizing the Politics of Exposure” (accepted for publication in now available online at Security Dialogue

2016. “The Lawyers’ War” The Sociological Review, April 2016 (special issue on “Fielding Transnationalism”).

on “terrorism” and expertise

2017  “Can terrorism be defined?” (chapter 1, pp 11-20 in Constructions of Terrorism, edited by Michael Stohl, Scott Englund, and Richard Burchill,  Berkeley: University of California Press.)

2016. “The emergence of terrorism studies as a field”  (Chapter 1 in Richard Jackson, ed., The Routledge Handbook of Critical Terrorism Studies,   New York: Routledge.)

2015. Problematic knowledge: How “terrorism” resists expertise (chapter in T. V. Berling and C. Bueger, eds., Capturing Security Expertise: Practice, Power and Responsibility) New York: Routledge.

2013. “Experts, États et théorie des champs. Quelques leçons tirées d’une sociologie de l’expertise sur le terrorisme” (“Experts, States, and Field Theory: Learning from  the Peculiar Case of Terrorism Expertise.”) Critique Internationale 59: April- June 2013, pp. 89-104.

2011. “Disciplining an Unruly Field: Terrorism Experts and Theories of Scientific/ Intellectual Production” Qualitative Sociology 34:1, pp 1-19.

on the sociology of security

2015.   (with Greggor Mattson). “Sociology: Security and Insecurities”  (chapter in Philippe Bourbeau, ed., Security: Dialogue Across Disciplines, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.)

2013. “Toward a Sociology of Security” Sociological Forum 28:3, pp.631-33

on cultural capital and college admissions

­2006. “How Does “Culture” Become “Capital”? Cultural and Institutional Struggles Over “Character and Personality” at Harvard” Sociological Perspectives 49:4, pp. 461-481.


Interview with BBC Mundo

Interview with Tanqeed

Interview with Sustainable Security 

recorded talks

10/10/14 “How political violence became terrorism” at John Jay College, City University of New York  (video)

12/3/15 “Can terrorism be defined?”  at “Constructions of Terrorism” Conference, University of California, Santa Barbara video

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